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The Northern Renaissance by Mind Map: The Northern Renaissance
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The Northern Renaissance

The Northern Renaissance Begins

After 1453 many cities grew rapidly.

Merchants became wealthy and sponsored artists.

As the Renaissance spread out of Italy they mixed with northern traditions.

Artistic Ideas Spread

French king claimed the throne of Naples in southern Italy and launched an invasion through Northern Europe.

Flemish Painters

Northern Writers Try To Reform Society

The northern humanists were critical of the failure of the Christian Church to inspire people to live a Christian life.

Christian Humanists

Womens' Reforms

The Elizabethan Age

Queen Elizabeth reined from 1558 to 1603

She wrote poetry music and supported the development of English art and literature

Shakespeare was the most famous writer of the Elizabethan Age. His works included Macbeth, Hamlet, and Romen and Juliet.

Printing Spreads Renaissance Ideas

During the 13th century block printing reached Europe from China.

Around 1440 Johann Gutenberg, a craftsman from Germany, developed a new printing that incorporated technology in a new way. This made it faster to print faster and cheaper

At first printers produced mainly religious works

The Legacy of the Renaissance

The legacy of the renaissance broke the midieval-period focus on the church

Changes in the Arts

Changes in Society