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The Northern Renaissance by Mind Map: The Northern Renaissance
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The Northern Renaissance

Types of Painters

Flemish Painters - Used oil-based paints to develop techniques that painters still use today.

German Painters - Based work upon realism, and used woodcuts and engravings to do this.

Reforming Society

Women's Reforms - Some women spoke out against the practices in society in dealings with things such as education. They fought for equal treatment.

Christian Humanists - Tried to change society by poking fun at greedy merchants, heart sick lovers, quarrelsome scholars, and pompous priests.

The Elizabethan Age

Named after Queen Elizabeth I - Shakespeare was part of the Elizabethan Age, and was the best writer of the time.

Printing Spreads Renaissance Ideas

Johann Gutenberg made an improved printing press - This press incorporated new technologies and an improved processm with it one could produce books quickly and cheaply.