ICT policy

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ICT policy by Mind Map: ICT policy

1. IT in education strategic plans in Hong Kong

1.1. Information technology for learning in a new era (1998)

1.2. Empowering learning and teaching with information technology (2004)

1.3. Right technology at the right time for the right task (2008)

1.4. Achievement of ITE plans

1.4.1. school & teacher level outcomes, through international comparative studies

1.4.2. student learning outcomes through local evaluative studies

1.5. Pilot scheme on e-learning in schools:21 projects, 61 schools

1.5.1. learning outcomes improvement of student work improvement of learning tasks designed by teaches greatly depends on teacher's pedagogical designs

1.5.2. Difficulties of the pilot projects: in schools, with business partners etc.

1.5.3. Evaluation:focus on learning outcomes and learning task designs

2. Singapore's Masterplan for ICT in Education

2.1. Masterplan 1: Building the foundation (1997): ICT became an accepted tool for teaching & learning

2.2. Masterplan 2: Seeding innovation (2003)

2.2.1. Gave autonomy through developed ICT funds

2.2.2. Generate innovative practices through schemes

2.2.3. Established baseline ICT standards for pupils

2.3. Masterplan 3: Strengthening & Scaling (2009)

2.3.1. Goal self-directed and collaborative learning discerning and responsible ICT users

2.3.2. Curriculum 2015 student outcomes confident person self-directed learner concerned citizen active contributor

2.3.3. Evaluation mechanisms A multi-years comprehensive evaluation study A mid-review of mp3 was done by an international Review Panel in 2012