Tutorial 6 - Using Form Tools and Creating Customs Forms

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Tutorial 6 - Using Form Tools and Creating Customs Forms by Mind Map: Tutorial 6 - Using Form Tools and Creating Customs Forms

1. Documenter

1.1. Used to document database objects, their relationships, their relationships.

1.2. Choose contract, click Options button, make Table section selections to show desired information. Click OK.

1.3. From the Ribbon click the Database Tools tab.In the Analyze group, click the Database Documenter button, and click Tables.

1.4. Adjust Zoom settings on Print Preview tab. Scroll down to view report. Print.

2. Form Tools

2.1. These are found on the More Forms button located on the Create tab off the Ribbon.

2.2. Click Datasheet Tool button - The Datasheet Tool creates a form showing every field in the datasheet modeled after a table in the same format. It is opened in the Datasheet view and limited to a Design view option . As shown using the View Button arrow.

2.3. Click Multiple Items Tool button - Similar to the Datasheet Tool but the form opens to the layout view and has the options of Form view and Design view. Also the fields row heights for every record is increased.

2.4. Click Split Form Tool button - similar again to the previous two but this one lets you simultaneously have a Form view as well that is synchronized between the two views. Data and Layout view for the datasheet and Layout and Design view for the Form.

2.5. Form modification including Anchoring can be done in the Layout view in the form. That can can make the form more pleasing to the eye and ease in usage.

3. Custom Forms in Design and Layout View

3.1. Create from the ribbon.From the Ribbon click the Database Tools tab.

3.2. In Design view add bound controls and save

3.3. Select, move and align Controls, resizing as needed.

3.4. Add combo box using the Combo Box Tool.

3.5. Set Caption property value

3.6. Modify the Combo Box in Design and Layout views

3.7. Form Headers and Form Footers (Visible propery)

4. Custom Forms in Form View

4.1. Combo Box to find Records (unbound)

4.2. Click form selector, change to table

4.3. Click the Record Source box, press F2, press Tab, type t, press Tab to accept

4.4. In the Controls Group on the Design tab, click the More button to open the Controls gallery using the Use Control 'Wizard Tool.

4.5. Position the + on the 5 inch mark on the horizontal ruler and click.

4.6. click Find a record on my form based on the value I selected in my combo box button, click Next, DC ContractNum, Next

4.7. Resize the column, Next, Mark the label, Select Contract, click Finish