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Cells by Mind Map: Cells

1. is

1.1. the smallest unit of life

1.2. able to

1.2.1. grow

1.2.2. reproduce

1.2.3. take in food

1.3. too small to see with the naked eye

1.4. found in different

1.4.1. shapes

1.4.2. size

1.4.3. structures

2. has 2 main types

2.1. Animal Cell

2.1.1. has cell membrane allows blocks nucleus controls contains cytoplasm is suspends

2.2. Plant Cell

2.2.1. has cell membrane nucleus cytoplasm cell wall functions chloroplast contains

3. groups together to form

3.1. Tissues

3.1.1. groups together to form Organs are connected to each other in a

4. can be

4.1. unicellular

4.1.1. examples are Yeast Bacteria Paramecia

4.2. multicellular

4.2.1. examples are any other living things