A Quality Assessment

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A Quality Assessment by Mind Map: A Quality Assessment

1. Validity

1.1. Content Validity

1.1.1. Do the assessment questions match prescribed learning outcomes?

1.1.2. Minimum requirement for validity

1.1.3. May be difficult to determine the validity of an assessment if it is not content based

1.1.4. Does not take into consideration other test influences (i.e. readability of assessment, etc.)

1.2. Criterion Related Validity

1.2.1. Concurrent

1.2.2. Predictive

1.3. Construct Validity

1.3.1. Exists if the assessment's relationship to other information corresponds well (based on data) with some theory (logical explanation or rationale).

1.3.2. Do the results correlate with what we expect?

1.3.3. Does not predict future performance

2. Reliability

2.1. Test/Re-Test (Stability)

2.1.1. Administer the same test twice to the same group of students

2.1.2. Small time interval

2.1.3. Correlate the scores of the two assessments

2.2. Alternate Forms of Equivalence

2.2.1. Two alternate or equivalent forms of an assessment

2.2.2. Administered to same groups of students

2.2.3. Correlate the scores of the two assessments

2.2.4. Short time interval for assessments

2.3. Internal Consistency

2.3.1. Split-Half Methods

2.3.2. Kuder-Richardson Methods

3. Accuracy

4. Reference