Problem X - Session 2

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Problem X - Session 2 by Mind Map: Problem X - Session 2

1. Step 6

1.1. Review Session 1 and Share Findings

1.1.1. HIV its a bloodborne virus transmission sexual parental mother to child types 1 2 SSx asymptomatic phase is benign generalized lymphadenopathy dementia encephalopathy wasting syndrome meningitis pneumonia colitis retinitis RF unprotected sex multiple partners receptive anal sharing needles blood transfusion before 1985 maternal mucosal contact with infected people pathophysiology RNA virus infect CD4 complications CNS Hema CVS Respiratory GI Renal endocrine MSK Neoplasms opportunistic infection

1.1.2. SE of metronidazole and ARV metronidazole diarrhea back pain dizziness loss of balance N&V confusion and agitation ARV combo of 3 antiviral drugs to reduce progression and opportunistic infections N&V thrombocytopenia anemia lipodystrophy rashes

1.2. 30 mins

2. Step 7

2.1. Information Inquiry and Gathering

2.2. 40 mins

2.3. History

2.4. Physical Examination

2.5. Investigations

3. Step 8

3.1. Diagnostic Decision

3.2. AIDS

3.2.1. oppotuninstic infection with candida crytosporidium