Creating Custom Forms

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Creating Custom Forms by Mind Map: Creating Custom Forms

1. Creating a custom Form

1.1. Click the Create tab on the Ribbon

1.2. Click the Blank Form button

1.2.1. Switch to Design View

1.2.2. Expand the Field List for the correct table

1.2.3. Double click each field in the order they should appear on the form

1.3. Aligning the text boxes and bound controls

1.3.1. Select the Labels and Text Boxes using the shift key

1.3.2. Right click on one of the selected controls

1.3.3. Point to Align on the shortcut menu and click the correct option

1.4. Resizing

1.4.1. Select Text Boxes using the shift key

1.4.2. Place the Double arrow on the right edge and drag to best fit

2. Adding a Subform

2.1. In the Controls Group on the Design Tab

2.2. Click the More Button to open the Controls gallery

2.2.1. Make sure the Control Wizard Tool is selected, and click the Subform/Subreport tool

2.2.2. Position the Pointer and Click in the desired spot in the detail section

2.3. Using the Subform Wizard

2.3.1. Make sure the Use existing Tables and Queries option button is selected and click Next

2.3.2. Click the Tables/Queries arrow to display the list of tables and queries in the database

2.3.3. Scroll through the list and select the desired table/query

2.3.4. Choose the desired fields for the subform, click Next

2.3.5. Select the desired link and click Next

2.3.6. Type the Name and click Finish

3. Split Forms

3.1. Select a table from the Navigation Pane.

3.2. Click Create on the Ribbon

3.2.1. In the Forms Group click More Formsbutton

3.2.2. Click Split Form

3.3. Modifying the Form

3.3.1. Click Arrange tab on the Ribbon

3.3.2. Click the Layout Selector at the top left of the first Label to highlight all controls.

3.3.3. Place the double arrow pointer at the right edge of text box and drag in until it is the desired size.

3.4. Removing the Control Layout

3.4.1. Select the Text Box and Label holding by holding the shift key

3.4.2. Right click to open the shortcut menu

3.4.3. Point to Layout and click Remove

3.4.4. Now these boxes can be resized separately