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Video Ideas by Mind Map: Video Ideas

1. Check into co-op funding?

1.1. Ask for drawings/footage of machine in action

2. Want to see how it ends? Hit us up on Facebook...

3. Company Culture

3.1. The Journey is the reward

4. How to generate "buzz"?

5. Talk about economy

5.1. Career cleaners and techs, well paid

5.2. Building a company where folks can be PROUD of their job.

6. Scrubbing

6.1. Planetary motion vs. normal rotary

6.2. Flattening/pile lifting

7. The challenges associated with cleaning

7.1. Commercial

7.1.1. Airflow

7.1.2. Sometimes VERY heavy soiling

7.1.3. Gum, tar

7.2. Residential

7.2.1. Getting out cleaning residue

7.2.2. Myth that is deep cleaning

7.2.3. Overwetting

8. C.H.A.T.

8.1. Talk about gentle chemistry comnined with scrubbing and soft water as opposed to harsh cleaning agents and wanding out