FICOR Communication Plan

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FICOR Communication Plan by Mind Map: FICOR Communication Plan

1. FACA Groups

1.1. Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conseration Council

1.2. Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council

2. 17 Interagency Councils

2.1. 21CSC - National Council

2.2. Federal Interagency Council on Interpretation

2.3. Federal Interagency Council on Trails

2.4. Federal Interagency Team on Volunteerism

2.5. Federal Transportation Council

2.6. Federal Interagency Accessibility Team

2.7. Interagency Fee Workgroup

2.8. Interagency Visitor Use Management Council

2.9. Interagency Wild and Scenic River Coordinating Council

2.10. Interagency Wilderness Policy Council

2.11. Let's Move

2.12. Interagency Wilderness Steering Committee

2.13. Office of Program Development & Office of the Secretary

2.14. President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition

2.15. Recreation One Stop

2.16. Tourism Policy Council

2.17. Interagency Working Group for Visitor Safety on Federal Lands and Waterways

3. Recreation Stakeholders

3.1. Colleges and Universities

3.2. State and Local Governments

3.2.1. National Association of State Park Directors

3.3. Outdoor Recreation Industry

3.4. Tribes

3.5. NGO's

3.6. General Public

3.6.1. FICOR Website


3.6.3. Social Media / Press Releases

4. Media

4.1. Parks and Recreation Magazine

4.2. Press Releases / Internal Communication

5. America's Great Outdoors

6. FICOR Principals

7. FICOR Working Group

8. 1.Establish permanent responsibilities for Recreation 1 Stop within each agency (technical assistance, agency‐specific information content, specialize content, photos, website support, etc.). R1S is a long‐term commitment. (3 votes) 2. Critical January‐June 2014: Agency staff support to evaluate RFP’s as members of interagency teams (Fall 2013): (1 vote) 3. Critical: CIO engagement for IT staff support. 4. Contracting/Acquisition engagement for staff to assist in the contract

9. Elevating Recreation in the Hearts and Minds of Americans 1. Create and share talking points for all principals to use at every given opportunity (put together the shared message, run through the paces and make available for all.) Determine what the “key resonating words” are. (1 vote) 2. Pull together and share the calendar of events/days/weeks/celebrations to highlight these opportunities. Perhaps put on the AGO web site. 3. Develop an interagency Youth Passport program that includes maps and apps and all the things kids will enjoy. (3 votes) 4. Have FICOR give presentations at the Congressional caucuses for tourism and recreation. Udall doing his in June, maybe insert ourselves. (2 votes)

10. Access 1. WG should put together an inventory of what we have that works, what we would like to be able to do but need some legislation to move forward. Determine what other existing councils/teams are working on. 2. Find out from the Partners and externals what works/doesn’t work for them. What do they need to help streamline the business practices? 3. Engage agency solicitors so the working group doesn’t do the work and then hit the rocks on a technicality. Invite solicitors or their reps to September Principals meeting (Jarvis).

11. Sustainable Financial Future 1. The FICOR should lead an interagency effort in support of FLREA’s reauthorization. The WG should develop and deliver a position paper that identifies a preferred option for FLREA reauthorization consistent among the involved agencies by August 2013. (3 votes) 2 Charter a working group of public/private partners to identify strategies, actions and best management practices for building more sustainable program support. Present initial recommendations of the working group at the September 2013 FICOR meeting. (3 votes)

12. Stakeholder Engagement 1. Promote Regional Collaboration for Outdoor Recreation: should FICOR act as catalyst to facilitate regional scale public / private partnerships and coordination? (0 votes) 2. Promote a seamless national system for recreation on public lands: should FICOR pursue opportunities to celebrate the 50th anniversary and promote the legacy of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and should the FICOR take an active or leadership role in facilitating dialogue about LWCF reauthorization by hosting forums or developing information? (3 votes) FICOR web page (or other social media method) to collect contacts for state/regional rec contacts and have it in one place that partners can be directed to. (0 votes)