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#bpsusjam2013 by Mind Map: #bpsusjam2013

1. "48 hours to save the world"

2. Toolbox

2.1. Facebook-ra hashtagelt tartalom

3. Process

3.1. bővebbre

3.2. szakmai program

3.2.1. időben péntek ice breaker téma bejelentés közös ideation csak fél órás vacsora szünet csapat formálás kezdeti koncepció csapatformálás után buli szombat terepmunka előadás field research peronsa process field research ideation ebéd szünet 1ó prototyping buli user validation nincs értékelés vasárnap végleges prototípus prezentációk buli

3.2.2. tools persona emphaty map ideation customer journey prototyping service blueprint

4. Communication Stages

4.1. post event

4.1.1. Facebook group

4.2. pre event

4.2.1. after signup ask introduction mind map will be posted to wall

4.2.2. right before event

5. media

5.1. ustream tedx

5.2. video

5.2.1. tibor?

6. Service Design + Sustainability

6.1. Learn

6.1.1. service design mentored by design professionals Baráth Réka Szakács Szilárd

6.1.2. validate you ideas guided by buiness coaches Ruzsa Ágota - art of learning Bencz Zoltán - business coach

6.1.3. team work try yourself in intensive team work

6.1.4. design thinking learn how big business is using design thinking SAP coaches see how intrapreneurship changed the face of SAP TwoGo

6.1.5. sustainability Green Meetup

6.1.6. "learn by doing"

6.2. Connect

6.2.1. Budapest startup scene "meet Budapest's buzzing startup scene" "Meet people and organisations who keep the startup community rolling" oranizations people

6.2.2. like minded people

6.2.3. with the world "global event, local impact" global twin jam

6.3. Have fun

6.3.1. make 100 new friends in 48 hours group activities common goal fun experience cupcakes