Unit 5- Justin Le, Solo

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Unit 5- Justin Le, Solo by Mind Map: Unit 5- Justin Le, Solo

1. Memory

1.1. 3 Stage Processing Model

1.1.1. 1.) Sensory Memory- Impressions of sensory stimuli

1.1.2. 2.) Short term (Working) Memory- Memory that is actively used, lasts for 25-30 seconds

1.1.3. 3.) Long Term Memory- Memory that is stored for later use Long Term Potentiations- Strengthening of Neuron's Receptors for learning Flashbulb Memories- Memories that are strengthened by strong emotion

1.2. Processing

1.2.1. Encoding, Storage, Retrieval Encoding- Entering Information into the Brain Parallel Processing- Brain multitasks many things unnoticed Sensory Encoding Chunking- Grouping information into meaningful units Storage- Retaining memory Retrieval- Retrieving memories for use

1.3. Organs

1.3.1. Hippocampus- Directs Memories to their respective lobes

1.3.2. Cerebellum- Stores Explicit Memories

2. Thinking, Problem Solving, and Language