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Dictators Threaten World Peace by Mind Map: Dictators Threaten World
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Dictators Threaten World Peace

Nationalism Grips Aisa and Europe

Post War years brought the rise of powerful dictators.

Failures of the WWI Peace Settlement

Treaty of Versailles served as more of a punishment than a peace treaty., Geremany put in debt and lost land as did Russia.

Joseph Stalin transforms the Soviet Union

Russia went into Civil War, officailly called the Soviet Union in 1922.

In 1924, he took control of the country and focused on creating a communist state.

All economic activity was placed under state management.

In 1939, he established a totalitarian government which gave them complete control over citizens.

The Rise of Fascism in Italy

Bentio Mussolini established the totalitarian in Italy.

In October 1922, Mussolini marched on Rome with thousands of his follows known as "Black Shirts."

Mussolini took control of Rome by crushing his opponents.

The Nazis Take Over Geremany

Hitler wanted to enforce racial "Purification."

By mid 1932, nazis had become the strongest political party in Geremany.

In January 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor. Quickly dismantiling Germany's democratic power.

Militarists gained control in Japan

In need of more power, all nationalistic military leaders tried to take over Japan. Japanese launched a surprise attack, ceasing China in 1939.

Aggression in Europe and Africa

In 1935, Hitler began a military build-up in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. The League did nothing to stop Hitler as he boardered France.

Mussolini began building a new Roman empire and was ready to overtake Africa.

Civil War Brakes out in Spain

In 1936, a group of Spanish army officers led by General Franco, rebelled against the Spanish Republic.

In 1939, they made Franco Spain's dictator.

The United States Responds Cautiously

America Cling to Isolationism

America tried to stay out of WWII establising the Nuetrallity Acts.

Neutrallity Brakes Down

Japan attacked China in 1937 and Roosevelt found a way around Nuetrallity Acts, sending help to China.