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English by Mind Map: English

1. Listening Comprehension

1.1. listen to the radio carefully

2. Comprehension

2.1. read the passage carefully

2.2. do the qustions carefully

3. Compotition

3.1. see the pictures carefully

3.2. write with your heart

3.3. write at least 120 words

3.4. write in past tense

3.5. start a paragraph with a captial letter

3.6. write names for the character

3.7. when starting a story must start with a captital letter

3.8. write a fullstop for ending senteance

4. Grammer

4.1. read carefully of grammer cloze passage

4.2. Articles and Demonstrative Pronouns

4.3. Quantifiers

4.4. Subject-Verb Agreement

4.5. Present Tense

5. Vocabularoy

5.1. read carefully of vocab cloze passage