Japanese Mothers and Obents by Anne Allison

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Japanese Mothers and Obents by Anne Allison by Mind Map: Japanese Mothers and Obents by Anne Allison

1. Obentos

1.1. Students are expected to eat their entire lunch which contains a decent amount of food

1.2. Food In Japan and the Obento plays a crucil role in culture of the Mother and the Child

1.3. Boxed Lunch Obento for Nursery School

1.3.1. Heightens Comfort Level for Children until first grade

1.3.2. Takes up to 45 minutes to prepare

2. School in Japan

2.1. School Obedience

2.1.1. Family Obedience State Obedience

2.2. Schools in Japan assume the primary role of the States Approach to anything and everything

2.3. Gakureki Shakkal - Schools that decide career choices for students

3. Role of Food

3.1. Food Taste is equivalent to Food Appearance and Food should be at perfection

4. Culture in Japan

4.1. It is a Mothers Role to ensure that the Child Grows up with the right ideals

4.2. ISA- exerts power through ideology

4.2.1. SA- does it through threat of force and repression

4.3. Power in Japan

4.3.1. Culture = Power

4.3.2. Ideological State Apparatuses