Cupid and Psyche

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Cupid and Psyche by Mind Map: Cupid and Psyche

1. Call to Adventure

1.1. Psyche, the youngest of three daughters of a king and queen, is so beautiful that men begin worshipping her instead of Venus.

2. Refusal to the call

2.1. Cupid is sent to punish not the men, but Psyche, by making her fall in love with some low, mean person.

3. Aid

3.1. Cupid accidentally charms himself by wounding himself on one of his own arrows and falls in love with her.

4. Status Quo

4.1. Sisters get jealous of her and her beauty

5. Trials

5.1. Each night her husband comes and speaks lovingly to her such that she comes to love him as well. However, she is never allowed to see him. He says that he would rather by his invisibility be loved as an equal rather than adored as a god.

6. Approach

6.1. When she cant stand to see her husband anymore she has to find out what he looks like

7. Crisis

7.1. Finally she is given a task that will take her to Proserpine in the underworld. She feels this is impossible, so she prepares to commit suicide, but a voice stops her and tells her how to complete the task of getting a box of beauty from the goddess of the underworld.

8. Treasure

8.1. Psyche succeeds in getting a box of Proserpine's beauty. Phew. Now she can return to Venus, give her the box, and get Cupid back.

9. Result

9.1. In the way back to the world of the living, Psyche can't resist opening the box to get a little beauty for herself. The temptation is just too stron

10. Return

10.1. Cupid comes to the rescue, revives his wife, and promises to make everything right.

11. Resolution

11.1. She goes somewhere new Mt. Olympus In the land of the gods Psyche earns the ultimate reward she's made a goddess and allowed to live happily ever after with Cupid.

12. Status Quo

12.1. She went to the gods and was with cupid