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AMMU by Mind Map: AMMU


1.1. secret affair

1.2. with an untouchable man, Velutha

1.3. there is consequences

2. Married and Divorced

2.1. with Baba, who beats her

2.2. two-egg twins

2.2.1. Estha and Rahel

3. In India

3.1. town: Ayemenem

3.2. state: Kerala

4. Vulnerable, sensitive

5. Strong

5.1. Has experienced a lot

6. Sad

6.1. can't be with the man she loves

6.2. live is hard

7. Sad ending

7.1. doesn't see her children for a long time

7.2. dies alone

8. Modern

8.1. doesn't believe in the cast system

8.2. hates that there is no equality between men and women

8.3. thinks that some men are Chauvinist pigs