National Basketball Association (NBA)

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National Basketball Association (NBA) by Mind Map: National Basketball Association (NBA)

1. Commissioner(David Stern)

1.1. Deputy Commissioner/COO(Adam Silver)

1.1.1. Human Resources(Kerry D. Chandler) Workforce Strategy Recruting Relations Compensation Development

1.1.2. League Operations(Joel Litvin) Scheduling Rules/Regulations Player Conduct/Standards US/International Growth

1.1.3. Finance(Robert Friedrich, Michael Whitehead) Financial Management of NBA, WNBA, NBADL Accounting Reporting Planning Financial Goals Employee Benefits

1.1.4. Marketing(Melissa Brenner) NBA, WNBA, NBA Development League and USA Basketball. External Marketing Promotional Activities Internal Marketing

1.1.5. Security(James Cauley) Global Security Plans/Programs Players Fans Employees Offices Special Events

1.1.6. Legal Affairs(Robert Friedrich) Contract Negotiations/Administration Collective Bargaining Litigation Corporate Compliance Property Rights Footage Licensing Media Outlets Deal Negotiations Charity

1.1.7. Communications(Michael Bass) Media Strategy, Policy, Procedure Business Communications U.S. International Global Marketing Merchandising Media Community Relations Production/Programming

1.1.8. Events/Attractions(Mark Aronson) Domestic/International Events All-Star Weekend Drafts Playoffs Finals Grassroots Jam Van NBA Nation