Benefits of Physical Activity

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Benefits of Physical Activity by Mind Map: Benefits of Physical Activity

1. Physical

1.1. Attractive

1.1.1. You will have stronger teeth bones to make your smile look better

1.2. Strong

1.2.1. Your muscles will become harder and it will be easier to do sports

1.3. Healthier bones

1.3.1. It is harder to break limbs and fewer injuries

1.4. Reduce chances of Cancer

1.4.1. It will improve your blood flow so it can stop cancer

1.5. Muscle, with no fat

1.5.1. It makes you stronger

1.6. Agility

1.6.1. It can help alot, it helps your reactions and be able to be swift.

1.7. Living longer

1.7.1. If you are fit you tend to live longer

2. Social

2.1. Bond with everyone around

2.1.1. You will be happier and it will be easier to make a conversation

2.1.2. When you are happy, you have good emotions and you will share with your classmates, and they will become your friends

3. Physological

3.1. Motivated

3.1.1. You should have no problem being motivated if you are healthy and fit

3.2. Feeling good about yourself

3.2.1. If you are strong, and good at sports, you should always be happy with yourself