Benfits of Being Active

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Benfits of Being Active by Mind Map: Benfits of Being Active

1. Physical

1.1. Improves your cardiovascular system

1.2. Maintains your weight

1.3. Improves your balance and coordination

1.4. Improves your bone strenght

1.5. Improves quality of life (live longer)

1.6. Prevents diseases

1.7. Improves stamina

1.8. Enhances your flexibility

2. Social

2.1. Relations may improve

2.2. Introducing yourself to new people

2.3. Meeting new people

2.4. Developing a social network

2.5. Having fun!

3. Psycological

3.1. Triggers the release of endorphins

3.2. Improves your mood

3.3. Good for your mind/soul

3.4. Reduces anxiety and depression