The Benefits of Physical Activity

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The Benefits of Physical Activity by Mind Map: The Benefits of Physical Activity

1. Phsical Benifits

1.1. strengthens your heart

1.1.1. can reduce blood pressure

1.1.2. lowers chalestoral

1.1.3. can pump more blood

1.2. increases basal metabolic rate (makes metabolism more active)

1.3. improves bone srength

1.4. improves balance and cordination

2. Psychological Benifits

2.1. while exercising your brain releases endorphins

2.1.1. makes you feel better after workout

2.1.2. blocks pain messages from going to brain

2.2. more self-conident

2.3. more focused

2.4. reduce stress levels

2.5. help you sleep better

2.6. improves your mood

2.6.1. some say exercising is a cure for depression

2.7. relaxes stressed mustles

3. Social Benifits

3.1. opportunity to have FUN

3.2. can be a good way to bond with family and friends

3.3. can help build new realationships