Benefits of Physical Activity

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Benefits of Physical Activity by Mind Map: Benefits of Physical Activity

1. Physical

1.1. Cardiovascular System

1.1.1. Heart can pump more blood with less effort

1.1.2. Reduction of blood pressure

1.1.3. Increased number of capillaries in muscles

1.1.4. Gains most benefits

1.2. Weight Maintainance

1.2.1. Higher basal metabolic rate Amount of energy body uses when resting Makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight

1.2.2. Reduces risk of developing diseases Diabetes Heart disease Some cancers

1.3. Bone Strength

1.3.1. Weight bearing exersises Jump rope Walking

1.3.2. Denser, stronger bones Lowers risk of developing osteoporosis in future

1.4. Balance and Coordination

1.4.1. More athletic

1.4.2. Reduces risk of injury

2. Psycological

2.1. Releases Endorphins

2.1.1. Reduces pain

2.1.2. Feelings of satisfaction after workout

2.2. Lower stress levels

2.3. Self-confident

2.4. Focused

2.5. Mood improvement

3. Social

3.1. Fun

3.2. Friend and family relationships