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REI Skills by Mind Map: REI Skills
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REI Skills

Welcome To - Where you learn Real Estate Investing!

Getting Private Funds

JV Partners

IRA Loans



Running a Home Business

Tenant Buyer Side

Private Money Side

MSer Side

Marketing all 3 Sides

Negotiation Training

Sales Training

Networking - Referrals Training

Public Speaking Training

Tax and Real Estate Investing Business Training

Buying with Banks

Commercial Bank

Mortgage Broker

Credit Card LLCs

Selling Fast On Terms

Land Trust Sale

Lease Option Sale

Land Contract Sale

Buying On Creative Contracts

Sub2 - Land Trust

Installment Sale

Wrap - AITD

Seller Carry Equity

Lease Purchase

Cooperative Assignment

Wholesale Flip

Retail - Rehab

Selling Fast For Cash

Wholesaling - Flipping

Retailing - Rehabbing

Sub2 - ISC - Wrap

IRA Buyer