“Japanese Mothers and Obents” Anne Allison

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“Japanese Mothers and Obents” Anne Allison by Mind Map: “Japanese Mothers and Obents” Anne Allison

1. Obentos

1.1. Definition: A home packed, single portion meal usually served in a box. It symbolizes the order of importance in Japanese society. It is a time consuming meal that Japanese mothers prepare for their child that usually contains rice with fish or meat and pickles.

1.2. Token of home as well as Mother, made with love

1.3. Each is examined by the child's teacher. In most cases their success in school depends on their ability to finish their obento

1.4. Takes about 20-45 minutes

2. Cultural Myth

2.1. The foods should oppose each other

2.2. Most important is it's appearance

2.3. Style in regards to limited amount, and seperation

3. School

3.1. The state bureaucracy regulates the entire education process

3.2. Children learn how to think and how

3.3. Attendance determines who will achieve desirable positions

3.4. Schools tend to reinforce gender roles

3.5. The Obento eases the pain and comforts the child during their transitioning from home to school

4. Mothering

4.1. The mother's role is viewed as being the child's mean of support and cushion.

4.2. If the child succeeds the mother is complimented, but if the child fails she is the one that gets blamed

4.3. Visual appearance and appeal is stressed by mothers. By making the child's Obento over elaborated she sends a message of herself.

4.4. Main task is to have her child eat everything in their obento