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1. TASK 1 . Translate the sentances

1.1. I am playing computer game now. She is watching TV. He is sleeping. We are reading now. Steve is swimming now. Selena is singing. At this moment my Mum is going home. I'm doing my homework. I'm not listening to music now. My sister is not dancing now.

2. RULE Present Continuous

2.1. now / at this moment

2.2. am/is/are Ving

2.3. I am reading a book now.

2.3.1. I am not sleeping. I'm not sleeping.

2.4. She is swimming now.

2.4.1. She is not reading. She's not reading.

2.5. He is playing now.

2.5.1. He is not swimming. He's not swimming.

2.6. We are eating at this moment.

2.6.1. We are not playing. We aren't playing.

2.7. You are writing now.

3. TASK 2. Fill in am/is/are.

3.1. I ... swimming now.

3.1.1. am

3.2. She ... playing the guitar now.

3.2.1. is

3.3. He ... writing a story now.

3.3.1. is

3.4. We ... not sunbathing now.

3.4.1. are

3.5. They ... not skateboarding.

3.5.1. are

4. TASK 4. Translate:

4.1. Я читаю сейчас.

4.1.1. I am reading now.

4.2. Я не рисую сейчас.

4.2.1. I am not painting.

4.3. Она спит.

4.3.1. She is sleeping.

4.4. Мы читаем газету.

4.4.1. We are reading a newspaper.

4.5. Марина смотрит телевизор.

4.5.1. Marina is watching TV.

5. TASK 3. Correct one mistake in every sentence.

5.1. I is singing now.

5.1.1. I am singing now

5.2. She is ride a bike now.

5.2.1. She is riding a bike now.

5.3. My brother are painting now.

5.3.1. My brother is paintin now.

5.4. We are listen to music.

5.4.1. We are listening to music.

5.5. Dan is fish.

5.5.1. Dan is fishing .