Banning of Abortion in Romania

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Banning of Abortion in Romania by Mind Map: Banning of Abortion in Romania

1. Pronatalism

1.1. Antiabortion legislation

1.1.1. Outlaws abortion Resulted in many illegal abortion unnecessary deaths as a result Poor women left with substandard options

1.1.2. Makes contraceptives illegal

1.1.3. Creates propaganda of the virtues of motherhood

1.2. Incentives for women to bear children

1.2.1. Child support benefits

1.2.2. Allowances for families

1.2.3. Women who bore many children viewed as heroines.

1.2.4. Taxes for childless individuals over the age of 25

1.2.5. Maternity leave for expecting mothers

1.3. Mandatory examinations for women to check for pregnancies

1.3.1. Women lose respect for their own bodies. When policies eradicated, women turned to prostitution to support families

2. Normal Demographic Growth

2.1. To ensure the increase of the Romanian socialist population

2.1.1. From 22.6 to 25 million

2.2. Future Romanian workforce

2.3. increase slowed birth rate

3. Burden on women

3.1. working in the state sphere

3.2. doing housework

3.3. raising children

4. Orphaned children

4.1. international adoptions

4.1.1. used to "export" an exorbitant amount of hyphenated Romanian children (Gypsies and Jews)

4.2. Abundance of abandoned children

4.2.1. mothers unable to care for another child

4.2.2. unable to feed another mouth

4.3. institutionalized neglect

4.3.1. children not properly cared for

4.3.2. international crisis

4.4. many cases of HIV infected orphans due to tainted blood transfusions