Imagining the Unborn in the Ecuadoran Andes

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Imagining the Unborn in the Ecuadoran Andes by Mind Map: Imagining the Unborn in the Ecuadoran Andes

1. Fetuses in the United States

1.1. looked at as a separate patient from mother

1.2. science looks for biologically when life begins

1.2.1. strongly supported by pro life activist

1.3. given a name and face

1.3.1. want to know sex

1.3.2. ultrasounds

1.3.3. families start thinking of names before birth

2. Ecuador's look on fetuses

2.1. mother and child looked at as the same person

2.2. don't look for answers about a fetus trust that god will take care

2.3. seen as unfinished creatures

2.4. counting children

2.4.1. counted by number of pregnancies or children born alive depending on who you ask

2.5. formation

2.5.1. means education

2.5.2. males develop quicker then females

3. Abortions in Ecuador

3.1. Illegal

3.1.1. but available with little contraversity

3.1.2. allowed to save a women's life or after a rape

3.2. loosely inforced

3.2.1. The legal system do not have accurate accounts of births

3.3. looked at as self mutilation

3.3.1. gods will for the pregnancy

3.4. earlier the better

3.4.1. before formation

4. Auca

4.1. dying before baptism

4.2. mothers are scared of these children

4.2.1. being irresponsible

4.3. important to treat unborn children properly to avoid auca