Saving Resources Through Recycling

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Saving Resources Through Recycling by Mind Map: Saving Resources Through Recycling

1. Essential Questions

1.1. How are materials separated for recycling?

1.2. How does recycling affect you and your community?

2. Final Project

2.1. Images We Could Use In Project

2.2. Rubric For Project

2.3. Project!Sketch

2.4. Culminating Multimedia PBL Solution Publication

3. Individual Guiding Activities

3.1. Lindsey

3.2. Mark

3.3. Dusty

3.4. Jenn

4. Groups Members

4.1. Dusty Little

4.2. Jennifer Neiman

4.3. Mark Vogal

4.4. Lindsey Clark

4.5. Communication

4.5.1. Wiki Includes: Diigo Page Calendar Meeting Dates Meeting Notes Annotated Bibliography

4.5.2. GoogleHangouts

5. Challenge

5.1. Create an elementary educational program...

5.2. Challenge Research

6. Guiding Questions

6.1. What kind of resources are saved through recycling?

6.2. How can we implement a program about recycling?

6.3. How are materials recycled?

6.3.1. How can the physical property of density be used in recycling?

6.4. What kind of materials can be recycled?

6.5. Are there schools who have accomplished this before?

6.5.1. If so are there websites that can help?