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Podcasting by Mind Map: Podcasting

1. What are some features of a good podcast?

1.1. Clear message

1.2. Short

1.3. Interesting topic

1.4. Clear audio

2. What is a podcast?

2.1. An audio recording

2.2. Something you listen to

3. How can they be used in educational settings?

3.1. By Teachers

3.1.1. Record students reading to assess fluency in foreign language

3.1.2. Record guest speakers

3.1.3. Record and broadcast group discussions

3.1.4. Record students reading to assess pronunciation

3.1.5. Record tutorials for students

3.2. By Students

3.2.1. Write and record short stories

3.2.2. Conduct interviews

3.2.3. Record a radio show

3.2.4. Create a digital video project

3.2.5. Create a live dictionary

3.3. By Other Staff

3.3.1. To record PD sessions

3.3.2. To network and share ideas

3.3.3. To give evaluation feedback