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discussion notes

Nov 11

2nd website, quote wed night or thurs morning

hosting to be advised re

$300 payment recieved, thanks :)

Website plan


Our Work, Brand Strategy, Publishing, Graphic Design, Our Clients

Inside Odopod, The Basics, Being Here

What's fresh, Blog entries

Contact Us







Design info

Fonts to consider, Aaux

Newsletter Email - mailchimp


Appears to be unavailable on current webhosting server, Screenshot about no PHP


top menu similar style and format, have added a background colour but it is just a shade random light shade of purple need to confirm colour

website graphic top banner, 900px x 250px

content (570px), add facebook button, plugin used tweet-this, add tweet this button, plugin used tweet-this, layout, top post,then lots of samples of other posts, similar to

right sidebar (270px), top image created by Brooke, 300px x 250px, next book graphic in cursive script and can be easily updated, 300px x 30px, Note I have now made it function like the other website so it's easy to change the percentages. See attached PDF, twitter feed with image of Brooke on top of twitter box, code used

newsletter, mailchimp, Still need to incorporate new graphic in corner

Pallette, post titles, dec 330099 -> hex #210063, menu rollover backgrounds, RGB --> hex #F3F0FF

Contact form, used purple (#F#F0FF) for background shading, need to confirm wording etc for form

Post, fixed the video issue with the 'If I was an American this would make me proud post"

examples majority of design based on this format, background colours for the text entry a light shade of purple in a similar style


FTP login - all works well, there are 41 different themes in the wordpress theme area from previous attempts to get the look right - that's a lot of themes