Problem Solving for 3rd Grade

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Problem Solving for 3rd Grade by Mind Map: Problem Solving for 3rd Grade

1. Objective #4

1.1. Create a set of your own problem solving problems using multiplication and division.

1.2. Formative Assessment; Have students share with a partner the problems they created, and have the partner solve it, then check each others problems.

2. Preassessment

2.1. Brainstorm; Have students write down what they think are the five steps of brain storming and why. Then as a class discuss and come up with what the five steps of problem solving are.

3. Objective #1

3.1. To identify the five steps of problem solving as a class.

3.2. Create a class target chat. Have each of the targets be one of the five steps of problem solving. Show chart of the common core problem solving chart, and explain it. Then as a class make their own using a target chart. Write each of the targets as a step, then explain the step. Add an example to each step.

4. Objective #2

4.1. Do problem solving questions using multiplication and division, and the problem solving process (including pictures) as a class.

4.2. Formative assessment; After each step and problem is completed as a class, use the traffic light cards to see how children are following, and if they are understanding the problem solving process.

5. Objetive #3

5.1. Have students practice the problem solving process individually.

5.2. Formative assessment; complete six problem solving problems individually and then give yourself a smiley-face assessment after each one.

6. Objective #5

6.1. Summative Assessment; Have students have a quiz on the problem solving process with word problems.