Beyond The Pattern of Heaven

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Beyond The Pattern of Heaven by Mind Map: Beyond The Pattern of Heaven

1. alternate models

1.1. Lahu: value in gender unity

1.2. joint roles with men and women

1.3. "dyadic ego". Men and women share the workload.

2. Gender Organization

2.1. confucianism: def: women are inferior to men

2.2. women help men to become junzi (gentlemen)

2.3. this is mens goal

3. Children

3.1. no children marriages

3.2. one child only policy

3.3. eliminates ancestor worship

4. alternamte models

4.1. Mosuo: matrilineal

4.1.1. reside in natural households sexual division of labor refuse advantages from opposite sex

5. alternate models

5.1. Dai: bilateral kinship

5.1.1. lack surnames post-marriage residence pattern changing names based on child

6. Surname

6.1. general for mothers side

6.1.1. descendant from common ancestor no intermarriages