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Process of Learning by Mind Map: Process of Learning
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Process of Learning

Constructing the map according Principes of learning for a particular learning situation:How create your own website

Thinking and reflexion

Thinking & reflexion should not only be used to assess student comprehension of the material, but also to help students extend their thinking and creativity skills by connecting ideas to each other and applying concepts to the real world. Through this first phase of data analysis we gain a preliminary understanding of the setting in which learners learn and use technology to support their learning and will serve as a context to guide the second phase.

Cognitives Tools

Objective: Help to student to understand the problem.

Visual Learners

They look for representation of information

Mindmaps, Mindmeister

Images, Infographics, Piktochart,, elearningArt, Google/images

Whiteboard, Promethean

Presentation, PowerPoint, Prezi

Videos, Youtube...,, TED, Vimeo

Study Games, FlashCards, Quizlet, Study Blue, Proprofs Quiz Maker

Voicethread, Digital storytelling

Sensory Learners

Sharing Experiences, reporting problems



Blog,, Wordpress, blogger

Reflectives Learners

Cases studies, web publishing

Cases studies, Google/search

Research Project, Google/search

Benchmarching ..., Google/search

Verbal learners

Explanation with words

Manuals, Pdf´s, Slideshare, Powerpoint, Prezi

Courses, Coursera, FutureLearn, Jisc MediaHub, Jorum

Wikis, pbworks

Measures and conclusions

Office Suite

With the office you can help your students gain skills to be more productive

Help to student on the learning process

Management Tools

BaseCamp, ActiveCollab

Tools to remember information

Notes, EverNote, OneNote

Links, Delicious, Google bookmarks, Pinterest

File Storage Service

Docs, Google docs, OpenOffice

Database, Godaddy, Arsys

Clouds, wordle, Dropbox

Social Media Dashboards, Hootsuit, Tweetdeck, Ning

Tools to evaluate Information

Surveis, doodle, surveymonkey, Poll Everywhere

Communication and Interaction

The Internet can be used as a tool for communicating outside of the classroom. Students can easily collaborate with peers across continents or ask questions directly to an expert in their field of interest. The multimedia capabilities of the Internet allow students to share information, stories, artwork, movies, and other productions with multiple audiences.

Communication Tools

Tools to help with the communication & Interaction

Course Management System

Video Learning Platform, khan academy, Digital storytelling platform

Learning Platform, Moodle, efrontlearning, Doodle, Blackboardlearn, Edmodo

Problem Resolution

Doubts and personal communication with teacher, Writing, Mail, Hotmail, Video conference, Skype, WebEx, GotoMeeting, Remot Connexion, TeamViewer, VNC, ScreenCaptureSotfware, Snagit, Screenr

Asking to Internet, Forums, Google

Student response system, Socrative


Social Networking, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, ...


Clouds, Dropbox

Sending Big Files, Yousendiit

News / RSS, feedly, gReader

Activity and Experience

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Representation tools

Task oriented to Activity & Design & Discovered

Analisys/Problem Context,

Conceptuals maps, Mindmeister, Pearltrees

Mental maps, MapasMentales

Tools for modeling and representation

Mockups, Mockflow

Learning Oucome actions

Web / Blog,, wix, Wordpress, ...

Web Template, ThemeForest

Domain/Hosting, Godaddy, Arsys

Icon, Icon Slaver

Images, Gimp

Avatar, pickaface

Videos, MemoriesOnTV, youtube, Animoto, iMovie, Camtasia

Logo/Banner, photoshop, Gimp