OER framework

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OER framework by Mind Map: OER framework

1. Accessibility

1.1. which platform?

1.1.1. pc

1.1.2. mac

1.1.3. mobile device

1.2. design

1.2.1. choice and size of font

1.2.2. layout of text and image

1.2.3. hierarchies of information

1.3. are any specific plugins needed

1.4. Do learners need any other specific tools?

1.5. which browser?

1.6. Visual impairments - is the site accessible with a reader?

2. Aims

2.1. Learning Objectives

2.1.1. measureable

2.1.2. Achievable

2.1.3. demonstrating learning

2.2. intended audience

2.3. rationale

2.4. what you hope will happen

3. Content

3.1. how many individual artifacts?

3.1.1. pages - text

3.1.2. files - docs/pdfs

3.1.3. images/audio/video

3.2. types of activities

3.2.1. reading + doing

3.2.2. Interactive content Quizzes?

3.3. Core content + external links/files?

3.3.1. keeping info up to date?

3.3.2. what if external links are changed/removed

3.3.3. ratio of created content to existing? how much time/cost is justified and managed when creating content? format of created content

3.4. Copyright of content

3.5. Learning Objects

3.6. can content be modified or reused?

3.7. Will all learner types find something that works for them?

4. place

4.1. where will it be stored/held

4.2. how do I decide on the right place

5. Assessment and feedback

5.1. what media is needed for the assessment activity

5.2. Is the activity assessed? how?

5.3. How can learners gain feedback?

5.4. will learners be rewarded?

6. Audience

6.1. Who are they?

6.1.1. how will you find this out

6.2. What previous knowledge is required?

6.3. What level of learner is the OER for?

6.4. How will they find the OER?

7. Evaluation

7.1. Does the OER incorporate appropriate learning design to achieve objectives?

7.2. How can OER be evaluated?

7.2.1. user feedback