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PTE by Mind Map: PTE

1. Cache Table: Avoiding the heavy FM by going through a table updated on a daily basis

1.1. How long will it run?

1.1.1. Which are possible combinations of IN under a certain amount? What are the Input Parameters ? Bank Area (I_UNIT): 1000, 1002, 2017, 2017S. comes from field l_unit Recipient Bank Country ( I_BCNTRY): comes from field l_lbanks Delivered Payment Method (I_RZAWE): Payer Account Number (I_PAYACC) Transaction Currency ( I_TRNCUR): Delivered Payment Method Supplement (I_UZAWE) Transaction Amount ( I_AMNT) Transaction Type ( I_TRANSTYP): NOT PASSED TO THE FUNCTION Output Parameter: IHC: Route

1.2. When would table be updated?

1.2.1. Job running every day at off hours + manual refresh for emergency transports that modify routes

1.2.2. When route table is modified, trigger refresh (future feature or NTH)

1.2.3. Manually

1.3. Where do we insert the "bypass" code exactly? Which conditions should trigger this?

1.3.1. done

1.4. How do we tell the update program which are the possible combinations?

1.5. Can we prove this will save over 80% of the payments?

1.6. Pendings, nice to haves:

1.6.1. Create Match Code for bank account field of ZGTM_PTE_CACHE

2. General info

2.1. IHC_DB_RT_NODE IHC: Routing Node ZGTM_DETERMINE_IHCRT_ROUTE Heavy duty FM to avoid

3. Combine Cache Table and History

3.1. Instead of building the cache for all possible combinations, use historical data to know which routes to use

3.2. A job would still run daily during off hours, but instead of looking up all possible combinations, it would look up only those combinations that are in the history table but not using the FM.

3.3. FM 1820 reads cache table, if the necessary info is not in the cache, uses ZGTM_DETERMINE_IHCRT_ROUTE and writes history table (not cache table). "Refresher" job every day at off hours reads history table and dumps the data for the combinations into the cache table.

3.3.1. cache table would have to store last day processed to read history table only since then

3.3.2. solve update conflicts?

4. Max lead days by country (dynamic workday calculation)

4.1. Can be done! NO: ZGTM_LEAD_DAYS hardly ever contains the country, it normally is blank.

4.2. g_route (obtained from ZGTM_DETERMINE_IHCRT_ROUTE) is necessary to obtain l_rzawe_ext, l_uzawe_ext, l_bukrs, l_hbcntry from ihc_db_inb_targt and then l_banks from T012

4.3. Nevertheless, zgtm_lead_days is read WHERE banks EQ l_banks AND hbkid EQ l_hbcntry AND land1 EQ l_lbanks AND rzawe_ext EQ l_rzawe_ext AND uzawe_ext EQ l_uzawe_ext. And l_lbanks is the vendor bank country/vendor country obtained prior to determining the route.

5. Dump when running ZGTM_DETERMINE_IHCRT_ROUTE through SE37

5.1. quick fix: putting a breakpoint in line 98 and deleting the contents of i_poolname[]

5.2. How costly to fix?

5.3. HOW TO VALIDATE CACHE ENTRIES. 2017 GB E IHB_2043_GBP GBP 10.000 GB02 For each entry, test the value in the cache table, but also, check for amounts below it in the IHC_DB_RT_NODE. Pick the IHC_DB_RT_NODE-Bank Area = to the one in cache table, IHC_DB_RT_NODE-Node Type = RANG, pick number from field IHC_DB_RT_NODE-LOW

6. Add a symbol or text to the message “Route Determined : F091” if it went through the cache table.