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just by Mind Map: just
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that jumper is exactly what I was looking for

That's just the point I was trying to make

Don't take any notice of what Steve just said , he doesn't mean it.


Oliver didn't mean to tear your book - he is just a baby

sorry about the noise-it's just our way of having fun

don't worry- it's just me !

a short time (before or after)

you've just interrupted me for about the fouth time

-have you phoned your sister? - I'm just going to.

I saw Carrie in the corridor just now

it's just before midnight

he phoned just after you left.

with polite phrases

could I just have a quick word with you?

could everyone just wait here?

can I just take your name?

for emphasis

that's just typical of your mother

it's just beautiful

You've just interrupted me for about the fourth time

If you ask me, men and women just see things differently

Marco's so rude! I smiled at him and he just ignored me completly