Solomon Chapter 8: Managing the Product

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Solomon Chapter 8: Managing the Product by Mind Map: Solomon Chapter 8: Managing the Product

1. Product Planning

1.1. To be effective, product-related objectives must be SMART

1.1.1. Specific

1.1.2. Measurable

1.1.3. Achievable

1.1.4. Relevant

1.1.5. Timebound

1.2. Product Mix

1.2.1. Width of product mix

1.3. Product Range

1.3.1. Length of Product Line Full Line Limited Line

1.3.2. Product Range Extensions Stretching Upward line stretch Downward line stretch Two-way stretch Filling-out Contracting a product line Risk of cannibalization!

1.4. Quality

1.4.1. Kansei engineering

1.4.2. TQM Everybody in the firm has customers ISO 9000 ISO 14000 SIX FUCKING SIGMA

1.4.3. Also affects each of the four Ps Level of Quality Consistency of Quality

1.4.4. Web makes product quality even more important

2. Product Life Cycle p.297

2.1. Introduction Stage

2.2. Growth Stage

2.3. Maturity Stage

2.4. Decline Stage

3. Brand

3.1. Trademarks

3.2. Brand Equity

3.2.1. Brand Equity Pyramid p.302

3.2.2. Brand Extensions

3.2.3. Measuring Brand Equity Customer mind-set metrics Product-market outcomes metrics Financial market metrics

3.3. Branding Strategies

3.3.1. Individual vs. Family Individual Brand Strategy Family Brand

3.3.2. National vs. Own-Label National / Manufacturer brand Own-/private-label brand

3.3.3. Generic Brands

3.3.4. Licensing

3.3.5. Co-Branding Ingredient branding

4. Packaging and Labelling

4.1. Package

4.1.1. Universal Product Code (UPC)

4.1.2. Designing effective packaging

4.1.3. Labelling Regulations

5. Management of Existing Products

5.1. Brand Manager

5.2. Product Category Manager

5.3. Market Manager

6. New Product Development (NPD)

6.1. New Product Manager

6.2. Venture Teams