Handmade Business Blog Content Mind Map

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Handmade Business Blog Content Mind Map by Mind Map: Handmade Business Blog Content Mind Map

1. Blog Title

1.1. list 5-10 titles to choose from

2. Introduction

2.1. start with a question, quote, or catchy sentences

3. Facts/Definition

3.1. statistics

3.2. history

3.3. definition

4. Introduction of the Article Body

5. Article Body

5.1. paragraph

5.2. list form

5.3. photos

5.3.1. Craft Photography free tutorial: http://www.craftmakerpro.com/blog/photography-tips/craft-photography-1/

6. Summary

6.1. summarize everything in simple sentences

7. Additional Info

7.1. links

7.2. pictures

8. Leave A Question/Conclusion

8.1. call to action

8.2. conclusion or a striking closing sentence

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