"History is a pack of lies we play on the dead." -Voltaire-

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"History is a pack of lies we play on the dead." -Voltaire- by Mind Map: "History is a pack of lies we play on the dead." -Voltaire-

1. Subjective Interpretation

1.1. Interpret what we think about the past events and people

1.1.1. Historically inaccurate (or "lies")

1.2. Over think/analyze the actions of historical figures.

1.2.1. Historical figures could have just been simple, straightforward people. Our complex analysis and interpretation could have conceptualized a whole another person.

1.3. We dress the dead in our own way

2. Definition

2.1. What does Voltaire mean by "lies"? What is he referring it to?

2.1.1. Subjective Interpretation Human Interpretation (Interpretation not done by God)

2.2. Who are the "dead"?

2.2.1. Historical figures of the past

3. What is a lie?

3.1. Is subjective interpretation a lie?

3.1.1. No: Perspective

3.1.2. Yes: humans are liars

3.2. What is a truth?

3.2.1. Can we say something true about something we don't know? Are humans even capable of saying something true about history

3.3. Is a statement said without correct knowledge a lie?

3.4. Types of lie

3.4.1. Unintentional Can unintentional lie be justified? Is unintentional lie necessarily "bad"?

3.4.2. Intentional Is intentional lie "bad"?

4. Human Incapacity

4.1. History is a pack of lies we play on the dead because it is not within our capacity to tell the truth

5. What is history?

5.1. Time does not define history, but humans define history.

5.1.1. History is subjective.

5.1.2. History defines who we are

5.2. Collection of past events

6. What we say is history

6.1. If "history is a pack of lies" are we, humans liars?

7. Is this particular lie bad?

7.1. Subjective interpretation

7.2. Human incapacity and lacking source of knowledge in history

8. Can we trust history?

8.1. can we trust lies?

8.1.1. If lies are the only things we have about history, then we are forced to trust it. People must depend on makeshift belief until they find the truth

8.2. Where can we find truth?

8.2.1. We're all humans. We don't know the truth; we don't exactly know what happened Who knows the truth? God Time What do we believe? We believe lies as truth