Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. RACE plays a role in class

1.1. Coroas are rich white men

1.2. Those with lighter skin are believed to have a better chance at job opportunities

1.3. Black and mixed races are lower class

2. Middle Class hires those from the lower class to do manual labor

2.1. The more workers one has the higher they are in their "class"

2.2. Work is almost like slavery. The poor workers can not live off of the low wages


3.1. Drugs

3.1.1. Drugs lead to death of Pedro He believed it was a man's role to provide for the family.

3.2. Gangs

3.2.1. Local gang leader wants child beatings to cease

3.2.2. Serve as protection to those in the lower class

3.2.3. Children recruited to work with gang

3.2.4. Dimer murdered by his own gang

3.3. Death Squad

3.3.1. Off duty police officers

3.4. Rapes

3.4.1. Not always reported

3.4.2. Rapes can lead to revenge. (Murder if one's child is raped)

3.5. Poor Communities

3.5.1. Lower Class

3.5.2. Favelas controlled by drug trafficking

3.5.3. Criminals may hide in poor areas


4.1. Women tend to be of lower class

4.1.1. Much of the workforce is made up of women and children

4.2. Different classes have differences in how they speak

4.3. Location

4.3.1. Those in lower class live in Favela

4.3.2. City Walls Divide higher classes from street children who are of the lower class

4.3.3. FUNABEM Facility for homeless Children

4.4. Women workers end up raising the children of the higher class while not even getting the chance to raise their own children


5.1. Sex

5.1.1. Jokes can be made about rapes

5.2. Race Issues

5.2.1. People find humor in racial jokes

5.3. Oppression

5.3.1. Humor is a way to not think about the oppression

5.4. Children told stories of pain and tragedy


6.1. Seduction

6.1.1. Women may try to seduce men of higher class to get out of their current state

6.1.2. There is prostitution

6.2. Daughters move out after losing virginity

6.3. Living in the streets leaves young girls vulnerable to rape

6.4. Unhealthy for me to go without sex for long periods of time

6.5. One must have good sex if they do not have money

7. New Idea