French and Indian War

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French and Indian War by Mind Map: French and Indian War

1. Causes to French and Indian War (2-3)

1.1. French and English both wanted the land by the Ohio River Valley.

1.2. French wanted more land so they came from around the great lakes.

1.3. English settlers moved from north west virginia.

1.4. Both groups thought they owned the rights to the land.

2. -Effects of French and Indian War (2-3)

2.1. English Victory In war

2.2. France was kicked out of the United states

2.3. Spain awarded Louisiana Territory

2.4. England issued the proclamation of 1763

2.4.1. No settling past the Appalachian Mountains

3. -Key People In French and Indian War, Describe (3)

3.1. George washington

3.1.1. Tried to take the land from the french by force

3.2. James Wolfe

3.2.1. Lead English in battle of Quebec

3.3. William Johnson

3.3.1. Indian Agent for the colony of new york

4. -Key Battles of French and Indian War, Describe (3)

4.1. Fort Duquesne

4.1.1. French Lost.

4.2. Ticonderoga

4.2.1. English didn't win for a long time, then ended up winning in 1759

4.3. Fort Necessity

4.3.1. George washingtons first defeat

5. -Treaty of Paris elements 1783 (3)

5.1. All french territory in United States was lost to English

5.2. Britian removed all troops from new country

5.3. Set new boarders for the united states