Travel & Tourism

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Travel & Tourism by Mind Map: Travel & Tourism

1. Unit 1: Visa

1.1. You will be looking at visa requirements

1.2. You will learn the basic procedures and steps for obtaining a visa to a Middle Eastern country

1.3. Assignments:

1.3.1. 1. Download relevant information and a visa application in the target language from the target country Embassy website, to find out all requirements and documents needed.

1.3.2. 2. Add comments, additional resources, websites, and ideas to your colleagues in WIKI entries.

1.3.3. 3. Compare and contrast visa requirements and procedures between the USA and the target country, and post on your discussion board. Comments on two postings.

1.3.4. 4. Answer the week discussion board questions, about the requirements for obtaining visa and the documents needed.

1.3.5. 5. In the WIKI post your answers and then comment about at least two of your colleagues’ answers.

2. Unit 2: Flights

2.1. You will be familiarizing yourself with theinternatnional flight process

2.2. Assignments:

2.2.1. Go to YouTube and find and watch a scenario involving a flight reservation and another involving a rental car reservation. Take notes. Write a summary in Arabic in at least ten sentences in your journal blog, and share the URL.

2.2.2. Listen to the instructor’s audio recordings modeling a couple making a plane, hotel reservations in Arabic in Week two folder.

2.2.3. Create your own scenario with a colleague in a video recording involving:

2.2.4. making a reservation at a hotel in an Arab capital, including checking in and out.

2.2.5. Inquiring about and paying the bill.

2.2.6. (Students in groups play roles in video recordings, Journal blog.

3. Unit 3: Money

3.1. You will be learning about the currency exchange process

3.2. Assignments:

3.2.1. Research information on Middle Eastern currencies, their values and exchange rates against dollars on the internet.. ( internet research)

3.2.2. Write a summary of essential information in a WIKI entry.

3.2.3. Post your findings on the discussion board.

3.2.4. Read your colleagues’ entries and comment on at least two of them

3.2.5. Create a scenario in which you and a colleague playing roles involving exchanging dollars for an Arabic currency using Arabic.

3.2.6. Do the same in a scenario involving the purchase of travelers’ checks.

4. Type of Assignments

4.1. Discussion boards

4.2. Posting assignments is wiki

4.3. Power Points