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Stories by Mind Map: Stories

1. stories are about freedom

2. no limits

3. no set of rules

4. you're your own judge

5. wide range of topics

6. a way to express feelings

7. personal stories

8. let something out that has been bubbled up inside of you

9. stories about a relative

10. oral stories

11. passed down by word of mouth

12. famous stories

13. stories with morals

14. funny stories

15. sad stories

16. scary stories

17. bed time stories

18. camp fire stories

19. family tradition stories

20. family recipe stories

21. baby stories

22. stories about your childhood

23. spooky stories

24. made up stories

25. stories about real life events

26. personal experience stories

27. near death experience stories

28. stories are ongoing

29. stories will never die out