A Crafter's Timeline Mind Map

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A Crafter's Timeline Mind Map by Mind Map: A Crafter's Timeline Mind Map

1. Daily Rituals

1.1. Morning (Insert time here)

1.1.1. morning coffee

1.1.2. exercise

1.1.3. breakfast

1.1.4. hygiene (shower/toothbrush/etc.)

1.2. Bedtime (Insert time here)

1.2.1. book rading

1.2.2. clean all the dishes

1.2.3. hygiene

2. Online Tasks (Insert time here)

2.1. check e-mails

2.2. social networking sites

2.3. writing

2.4. customer support

2.5. shipping

3. Handicraft Creations (Insert time here)

4. Others

4.1. pay bills

4.2. movie time

4.3. family time

5. Other Jobs (if any)

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