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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

1.1. Any object depends on its mass and speed

1.2. Any object depends on its mass and speed

2. Potential Energy

2.1. Gravitational potential energy depends on its mass, its height, and its mass.

3. Mechanical Energy

3.1. The energy associated with the motion and position of everyday objects.

4. Thermal Energy

4.1. Potential and Kinetic energy related to the motion of all particles in an object

4.2. Examples:1.Boiling water in a pot and fire is also one.

5. Chemical Energy

5.1. Def: The part of energy that can be easily released in a chemical reaction

5.1.1. Examples:1. petroleum 2. natural gas

6. Electrical Energy

6.1. Energy associated with electrical energy

7. Electromagnetic Energy

7.1. Consists of changing electric and magnetic fields

7.2. Examples:1.X-Ray 2.Gamma Ray

8. Nuclear Energy

8.1. Energy stored in atomic nuclei