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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Mechanical Energy

1.1. Motion and position of everyday objects

1.2. Everyday objects with motion and position

1.3. Examples: Speeding trains, bouncing balls, and a sprinting athlete

2. Potential Energy

2.1. Energy stored as a result of position or shape.

2.2. Problem 2

2.3. Examples: Holding a book in the air, and plucking strings on an instrument.

3. Kinetic Energy

3.1. Depends and change motion; KE=.5mv2

3.2. Energy of motion

3.3. Examples: people skiing and running

4. Chemical Energy

4.1. Energy stored in chemical bonds

4.2. Uses chemical bonds to store energy

4.3. Example: Gasoline and roasting marshmallows

5. Electrical Energy

5.1. Electrical charges are associated

5.2. Uses electrical charge

5.3. Examples: Cd Players, flashlights, and calculators

6. Electromagnetic Energy

6.1. Forms of energy that travels through space in waves.

6.2. Energy travel in waves through space.

6.3. Examples: Visible light and X rays

7. Nuclear Energy

7.1. Energy stored in atomic nuclei

7.2. Atomic nuclei stores energy

7.3. Examples: Heat and Light

8. Thermal Energy

8.1. Potential and kinetic energy related to motion of microscopic particles.

8.2. Microscopic particles are used with potential and kinetic energy.

8.3. Examples: fires and lightbulbs