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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Mechanical

1.1. Energy associated with the motion and position of every day objects.

1.1.1. B

1.1.2. Both potential and kinetic energy

1.2. Both potential and kinetic

1.3. Speeding train or bouncing balls

2. Kinetic

2.1. Energy of motion

2.2. When something moves

2.3. A couple skiing or an athlete sprinting

3. Potential

3.1. Energy of stored as a result of position or shape

3.2. More energy the higher you go

3.3. Plucking a string or lifting a book

4. Thermal

4.1. Potential and kinetic in relation to the motion of all micro particles

4.2. Energy found in heat

4.3. Molten metal or fire

5. Nuclear

5.1. Energy stored in atomic nuclei

5.2. Found in power plant

5.3. Heat of the sun or even the light from the sun

6. electromagnetic

6.1. Travels through space in waves

6.2. How we communicate

6.3. Phones or radio

7. Electrical

7.1. Associated with electrical charges

7.2. Has to do with electricity

7.3. Visible or x-rays

8. Chemical

8.1. Stored within chemical bombs

8.2. Found in bombs

8.3. Can be found in gasoline or coal