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Concept Maps by Mind Map: Concept Maps

1. Why a concept map at all?

1.1. Enables critical thinking

1.2. Assessment tool

1.3. Engaging to students

1.3.1. Students enjoy drawing Seriously, drawing is cool

1.3.2. Visual aid for students who may not do so well with simply listening

1.4. Collaboration

1.4.1. Compare and contrast concept maps between peers

1.5. Brings a sense of indentification

1.5.1. Allows students to put a spin on their work, rather than having everyone do the same worksheet

2. Why use a concept map in a classroom?

2.1. Review Material

2.1.1. Jot down main ideas or concepts. Can do this for any and all subjects

2.1.2. Useful for abstract thinking or connecting on a personal level with a subject

2.2. Assessment

2.2.1. Can take up students concept maps to make sure they understand the material at hand

2.3. Exploration

2.3.1. With online activities there are many options at hand. Use a concept map to explore those options and stand out from the crowd

3. Why mindmeister over other products?

3.1. Cloud storage

3.1.1. No emailing

3.1.2. No thumb drives or hassle

3.2. Free trial product with Facebook login

3.2.1. Facebook is a commonly used social media

3.2.2. Don't have to commit with a credit card that may be charged unknowingly

3.3. Easy to share

3.3.1. As said with my Dropbox project, it's extremely easy to share with anyone, anywhere