Nathan.A Hughes Fitness Revolution

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Nathan.A Hughes Fitness Revolution by Mind Map: Nathan.A Hughes Fitness Revolution

1. Navigation

1.1. About me/my story

1.2. My Clients

1.2.1. photo progresses? (instead of simple before/after)

1.2.2. how I met the trainer (more personal than "he motivated me")

1.2.3. results testimonial by ability? (instead of vague 'it was good' type review)

1.3. Videos

1.3.1. feed from YouTube account

1.4. Writing

1.4.1. blog portion of site

2. Opt-in

2.1. Expanding opt-in email section/form

2.1.1. offers/promotions

2.1.2. Fitness intake survey

2.1.3. contact info

2.1.4. what to expect

2.1.5. Email list sign in

3. Back to top link at footer (for mobile users)

4. My Clients

4.1. small achievements section linking to the full client page

5. Store (future)

6. Intro video

6.1. a good first impression!