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Operating Systems by Mind Map: Operating Systems
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Operating Systems

Definition: the collection of software that directs a computer's operations, controlling and scheduling the execution of other programs, and managing storage, input/output, and communication resources.

What % of users use windows?

Linux: Open source, Free

Linux Pro's: Most distributions are free (Open-source). Good for servers. Some distributions have good user support. Some distributions allow you to test before installing(LiveCD). Con's: Some distributions require some knowledge of how Linux works to get the most out of that distribution. Not many companies make programs for Linux. It's a pain in the *bottom* to try to get Linux to run on a system with another OS already installed

Apple, OSX, Leopard

Pros $30 every 2 years for a new operating system/upgrade The software and hardware are designed to work together for optimal experience At this time it has fewer viruses that can attack it, so it is safer then Windows for now. It is built on a Unix core which is very secure and the standard for the business world. It looks great + ease of use Great programs for the artistic minded (journalism, photography, moviemaking, etc..) Great customer support from what I have heard Programs are not married to one another, so if one locks up the whole computer doesn't lock up and the program can be restarted Cons Cost - brand new PC/Laptop with software and Win7 around $500 average The EULA agreement states that you are not allowed to install its OS on any PC. So no dual booting allowed on another non Mac system, in fact they can sue you for this since its illegal. Windows is still the premier gaming PC, you can still run many games on Mac OS X but not all of them. Speed wise it can be slower with 3-D rendering and graphics intensive programs even if you have the best Mac you can buy. Win 7 Taskbar is a new and improved DockBar (it does the same thing and more) Windows XP was used for 8 years, Microsoft charged nothing extra for the service pack upgrades during that entire 8 years, compared to the additional $30 extra Mac users had to pay every 2 years to upgrade.

Cell phone operating systems

Android, Blackberry: OS version 4.5, iPhone: OS 3.0, Windows mobile, and palm garnet